How to Make Money From YouTube Shorts 2023

How to Make Money From YouTube Shorts 2023
How to Make Money From YouTube Shorts 2023

Recently, YouTube has released a new program, funding for YouTube shorts. With this program, as content creators, we no longer need to have the 4000 hours of airtime and 1000 subscribers to earn money from YouTube, the potential earnings for video creators range from 100 dollars to 10,000 dollars, which when converted to Indonesian Rupiah, is equivalent to 1,500,000 to 150 million. This could be an attractive opportunity for creators as we do not need to think about complicated ideas to make it because the duration required for a video like this is only 60 seconds.

To maximize its duration, YouTube has also announced that it will focus more on short video creators starting in 2023. So now is the right moment for us to prepare for 2023 by becoming a short video creator as there are many benefits to be gained from being a short video creator, including:

Short videos are more recommended by YouTube's algorithm, so it's no surprise if short videos have a more crazy or far more view than regular videos, and the second benefit is that we can generate income without having to monetize first.

What is a short video and its thumbnail, I have also discussed how to create and upload short videos correctly so that it is easy to go viral and be inundated with thumbnails, for those of you who haven't watched it, please watch it first, and this video is a continuation of that material.

How to make money from YouTube shorts up to 10,000 dollars or 10 million Rupiah per month, it is important for you to know that not all short video content is eligible or suitable for funding from short funding, so only videos that meet the requirements can participate in the YouTube short funding program. Here are some of the requirements that must be met in order for your short videos to generate income or be eligible for the short funding program. The information about these requirements I obtained directly from YouTube's help center, so my friends, it can be ensured that this information is 100% valid. OK, let's go straight to the first requirement, the channel must upload at least one short video that meets the requirements in the past 180 days. The second requirement is that the channel must comply with YouTube's community guidelines, so there should be no copyright violations and comply with YouTube's monetization policies.

The third suggestion is that the channel must upload original content or content that is self-made. Examples of non-original content include reuploaded content. YouTube also says that reuploaded content is still allowed as long as it is edited by friends. For example, we give a reaction to the video, so in the video it displays our face while narrating or commenting on the video. This is still allowed, but if for example we just upload without any edits, it cannot participate in the YouTube short funding program, my friends. Then 100% reuploaded content is rejected from participating in the shot funding program by YouTube, such as videos uploaded from another channel creator or another platform, including compilation videos, cannot be the same at all, and videos that are completely identical to other videos are not allowed to participate in the YouTube short funding program, my friends."

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